“Chris grew up in Dorchester and understands the need for people to be able to own their own homes.”

                                                --- Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Dorchester Reporter

East West Mortgage was established by an individual who has long been in the forefront of mortgage lending and real estate in Boston.

Born and raised in Dorchester, East West founder Chris Anderson has decades of experience in both real estate investing and mortgage lending. He is a principal of both Greater Boston Management and Endeavor Capital.

Mr. Anderson has a strong track record of helping Boston residents get mortgages and of giving back to the community. For many years, he has helped those less fortunate, including serving on various boards of several Boston nonprofits.  He looks forward to involving East West in various charitable endeavors. 

Mr. Anderson is supported by a fully experienced mortgage staff, most of whom worked at Meetinghouse Bank.

East West Mortgage is based in a recently renovated office building that Mr. Anderson owns at 100 Hallet Street.  Mr. Anderson acquired the rights to the “East West” name; it was previously subsidiary of a Worcester bank.

East West Mortgage is licensed by Massachusetts Division of Banks as a mortgage company and can write mortgages throughout the state.

Founder Chris Anderson and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh