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Whether you’re buying your first home or your fifth, East West has a range of mortgage options at attractive rates to fit your financial needs.  Our highly experienced mortgage brokers will walk you through the process and insure that you end up with the loan best suited for you.  So, whether it’s a fixed or a variable rate, 10, 15 or 30 year term, First Time Home Buyer’s, Jumbo, VHA or FHA, East West is prepared to write it for your new home.



Your income changes over time, as do mortgage rates.  The mortgage that made sense for your situation three, five or ten years ago may no longer be the right fit.  Talk to us.  We can take a look at your goals and get you refinancing that could lower your monthly payment, consolidate debt, speed up your pay off period or a combination of the three.



Buying your first home can be overwhelming, so why not make the mortgage process less stressful?  East West offers a range of first time home buyer programs, including FHA loans.  We have options that include lower down payment requirements, down payment assistance and lower closing costs.Our experienced staff will walk you through the entire process and get you into your first home with the mortgage that's right for you.


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